Working with Dr. Dennis taught me many things: how to motivate students gently and kindly, how to look at one piece of music in many ways, and how to make a large group comprehend an idea very quickly. Dr. Dennis demonstrated the kind of teacher I intend to become, one who is compassionate, encouraging, and inspiring.
Samantha Haake

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“We are so blessed to have such a wonderful, talented faculty teaching our children.”
  – Dr. Allan Dennis

Meet MYA’s 2011–2012 Master Class and Guest Faculty


Allan Dennis, Founder and Executive Director; Concert and Symphony Orchestras
Patrick Pearson, Concertino, Philharmonia, and Cadet Orchestras
Rhona Reagen, Reading Orchestra

Wind Symphony

James Ripley, Director of Wind Symphony Programs

Chamber Music

Robert Bassill, Chamber Music Director & String Music Coach
Rose Armbrust-Griffin, String Chamber Music Coach
Schmuel Ashkenasi, String Chamber Music Coach
Naomi Bensdorf Frisch, Woodwind Chamber Music Coach
Susan Chou, Piano Chamber Music Coach
Bruce Daugherty, Brass Chamber Music Coach
Amanda Dennis, String Chamber Music Coach
Julie Fischer, String Chamber Music Coach
Paula Fischer, String Chamber Music Coach
Dileep Gangolli, Woodwind Chamber Music Coach
Lyudmila Lakisova, Piano Chamber Music Coach
Charles Pikler, String Chamber Music Coach
Rhona Reagen, String Chamber Music Coach
Gerardo Ribeiro, String Chamber Music Coach
John Shaffer, String Chamber Music Coach
Rami Solomonow, String Chamber Music Coach
Tatyana Stepanova, Sonata Class & Piano Chamber Music Coach
Mathias Tacke, String Chamber Music Coach


Chris Madsen, Jazz Program Director
Dan Pierson, Jazz Faculty
Joe Policastro, Jazz Faculty


Gary Fry, VX Studio Vocal Ensemble
Stevi Marks, Voices Rising Director
Caitlin Lucci, Little and Mighty Maestros Director

Early Childhood

Teddi Koch, Music and Movement Instructor

Theory and Composition

Patrick Pearson, Composition Instructor
Steven Stenzel, Music Theory Instructor