Walgreens National Concerto Competition


Senior MYAC Division:

Senior MYAC Division Overall Winner, performing with MYAC Symphony Orchestra on Februrary 19, 2017: George Dalianis, piano

Strings Category:
  • Haddon Kay, cello - winner
  • Adam Lee, cello - honorable mention
  • Anna Stenzel, violin - honorable mention
  • Aryn Harmon, cello - honorable mention
  • Christopher Gottardi-Littrell, violin - honorable mention
  • Daria Chudnovsky, violin - honorable mention
  • Ezra Escobar, cello - honorable mention
  • Krista Hagglund, harp - honorable mention
  • Michelle Manson, viola - honorable mention
  • Natalie Clarke, viola - honorable mention
  • Peter Dudek, viola - honorable mention
  • Rebecca Moy, violin (1st movement) - honorable mention
  • Robert Sanders, violin - honorable mention
  • Sofiya Kyrylyuk, viola - honorable mention
Vocal Category:
  • Priya Krishnaswamy - honorable mention
Piano Category:
  • George Dalianis - winner, and Overall Senior MYAC Division Winner
  • Alice Zhang - honorable mention

Senior OPEN Division:

Senior Open Division Overall Winner, performing with MYAC Symphony Orchestra on Februrary 19, 2017: Karisa Chiu, violin

Other Instruments Category:
  • Tessa Vermeulen, flute - winner
  • Adams Langs, xylophone - honorable mention
  • Daniel Lopez, flute - honorable mention
Strings Category:
  • Karisa Chiu, violin - winner, and Overall Senior Open Division Winner
  • Julian Rhee, violin - honorable mention
  • Nathan Mo, cello - honorable mention
  • Brendan Tarm, cello - honorable mention
Piano Category:
  • John Cao - winner
  • Gabriel Bruner - honorable mention
  • Derek Chung - honorable mention
Vocal Category:
  • Madeleine Keane - winner
Early Music Category:
  • Thomas Filipiuk, piano - winner

Junior MYAC Division:

Junior MYAC Division Overall Winner, performing with MYAC Concert Orchestra on February 19, 2017: Tim Zhang, oboe

Other Instrument Category:

  • Tim Zhang, oboe - winner, and Overall Junior MYAC Division Winner
  • Avra Friedman, flute - honorable mention
String Category:
  • Mia Wimbiscus, cello - winner
  • Ella Saputra, violin - honorable mention
  • Elson Koh, violin - honorable mention
  • Haoming Song, cello - honorable mention
Vocal Category:
  • Asher Ramaly - winner
Piano Category:
  • Haoming Song - winner
Early Music Category:
  • Mimi Friedman, violin (Winter) - honorable mention
  • Rosie Wang, flute - honorable mention

Junior OPEN Division:

Junior Open Division Overall Winner: Yerin Yang, piano

String Category:

  • Claudia Yoon, cello - winner
  • Elle Cho, violin - honorable mention
  • Rich Qian, violin - honorable mention
  • Bianca Ciubancan, violin - honorable mention
  • William Tan, cello - honorable mention
  • Esme Arieas-Kim, violin - honorable mention
  • Suminne Hong, violin - honorable mention

Piano Category:

  • Yerin Yang - winner, and Overall Junior Open Division Winner
  • Aliya Alsafa - honorable mention
  • Antonio Wu - honorable mention
  • Frank Gao - honorable mention
  • Richelle Shi - honorable mention

Early Music Category:

  • Barbara Juminaga, violin - winner
  • Rachel Man, violin - honorable mention
  • Abigail Froyshteer, piano - honorable mention
  • Freya Pang, piano - honorable mention
  • Zarin Metha, piano - honorable mention
  • Jessica Jiang, piano - honorable mention

Other Instruments Category:

  • Noah Jung, clarinet - winner

Application & Entry Fee

The competition entry fee is $55 for the Open Division and $35 for MYAC students (MYAC students who are not a part of an MYAC Orchestra pay $35 and are entered into the Open Division).

If you are planning to perform two movements from the same piece, and they can be performed in under 10 minutes, you can perform that on one entry. If you want to perform two movements of the same piece and the performance of those movements would take longer than 10 minutes, you must enter them separately on two separate entries. If you want to perform two movements from two separate pieces, no matter how long each movement is in length, you must enter them separately on two separate entries.

Please note: All applications must be submitted on-line; fees are non-refundable and must be paid on-line or by check, postmarked by December 1st.

Walgreens National Concerto Competition Application

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Complete Entry Fee Payment

After submitting the application, you can pay your fee below ($35 for MYAC members, $55 for all other entries).

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Awards and Prizes

Open Division
One Overall winner will be selected from either the Junior or Senior Level

MYAC Division
One Overall winner will be selected from the Senior Level
One Overall winner will be selected from the Junior Level

Overall Winners

  • Overall winners from the 2016 competition will perform with orchestra on February 19, 2017 at Pick-Staiger Concert Hall in Evanston, IL.
  • The Overall winners will receive a Cash Award of $1000 plus a MYAC Tuition Scholarship (valued at $750) to be used towards 2017 Summer Music Festival programs or 2017-2018 academic year large ensemble tuition.
  • The Overall Senior MYAC Division winner will have the opportunity to perform on the prestigious From the Top radio program. (Please note: this only applies to students who have not performed as a soloist on prior shows.)
  • Merit Scholarships of up to $24,000 will be available.

Category Winners

  • Category winners will receive a MYAC Tuition Scholarship (valued at $355-$375) to be used toward 2017-2018 academic year large ensemble tuition or 2017 Summer Music Festival programs.
  • Category winners will be chosen, at the discretion of the director, to perform at a Winners Recital at Bennett-Gordon Hall on the Ravinia Campus in Highland Park on February 5, 2017, at 2:30 pm.
  • Winning soloists may also be selected for performance opportunities with Midwest professional and community orchestras.

Hotel Reservations

Out-of-town participants are encouraged to use the MYAC rate at the Hyatt Deerfield (1750 Lake Cook Road, Deerfield, IL) for this event. To utilize this rate, click here. You may also call the reservation hotline at 888.421.1442.

All additional questions about the Walgreens National Concerto Competition can be directed to Victor Ribadeneyra at victor@mya.org or 847-926-9898, ext 301.

Notes from parents:
I wanted to take a moment to write you to thank you for all the work you and the MYA organization put in to the Walgreens National Concerto Competition. This was the second time that our daughter has entered the competition and both times we have been very impressed with the MYA organization as a whole and the very well-run competition. In addition to the over-all organization of the event, we have always found your team of volunteers who are on-site during the competition to be helpful and friendly. That makes the experience so much better for these young people.

It is also enormously beneficial for the competitors to receive the judges comment sheets as well as a video of their competition performance. We certainly have appreciated that feedback.

Congratulations and thank you, once again, to you and your staff and volunteers for hosting such a well-run competition.

We wanted to express how much we enjoyed participating in this competition and watching the other artists perform. Extremely well run and the people
representing your organization were polite and helpful. Our daughter will definitely be competing again.

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